Waste Management & Environmental Control


Specialist Group is deployed in various countries from the high rise modern city life of Dubai to the Deserts of Sudan. These locations have a vastly differing mentality to waste management & the environment. However, we do not look at it this way. At Specialist Group we will endeavor to achieve maximum control of our services to minimize the damage to our environment, by implementing strong processes, first class training & top quality equipment, in accordance with International Standards.


Types of services

  • Domestic & Industrial garbage

  • Septic Waste

  • Bulk Waste:

    Tyres, batteries, rubber, glass, scrap metal, wood, used oil filters & contaminated rag.

  • Waste Fuels, Oils & Lubricants

  • Chemical Waste

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Hospital Waste:





  • Sanitary Waste

  • Classified Material Incineration

Waste Management Service

These are not the only services Specialist Group provide, we are flexible in our approach to Waste Management, enabling us to tailor make our services to meet with customer expectations. We remove septic from underground and over ground septic tanks as well as from Klargeister tanks.

Case Study: “The client requested a vacuum tanker to assist in the clear up of waste water, which had accumulated in a ditch to the rear of accommodation during the winter months. Although not specifically septic, it was treated the same way”.

All waste is disposed of at Municipal sites where Specialist Group have authority to use. The only exception to this is when we carry out incineration, this is done on site, with the ash being disposed of at an authorized location.


The service


Specialist Group will carry out a general service on bins and skips in accordance to the clients specifications, this will normally be at least once per day for everyday domestic/food waste. A service will consist of:

  • At least once Daily emptying

  • Disinfecting

  • Weekly Exchange of bin for cleaning by Power Wash & Disinfecting

  • Clean area around the bin

  • Dispose of Waste daily at Municipal Site

Equipment available


Our waste bins are made of high density plastic or galvanized steel. Assorted colors can be made available, should the customer specify this. Otherwise our standard color is green plastic & silver galvanized.


Available sizes - bins


1100 ltr Plastic, with wheels and lid
360 ltr Plastic, with wheels and lid
240 ltr Plastic, with wheels and lid
120 ltr Plastic, with wheels and lid


Waste Bins

4 Wheel Mobile Waste Containers 400 ltr 500 ltr 660 ltr 770 ltr 1000 ltr 1100 ltr
1100 ltr
1200 ltr Dome
Volume (lt) 418 509 667 797 1047 1047 1148 1148
Maximum load (kg) 209 237 310  370 500 500  530 530
Total height (mm) A 1080 1240 1190 1350 1335 1335 1460 1460
Total width (mm) B 980 980 1360 1360 1360 1360 1360 1360
Total depth (mm) C 740 740 780 780 1030 1030 1050 1050
Upper edge comb (mm) D 970 1130 1085 1240 1230 1230 1230 1230
Wheel diameter (mm) E 200/160 200/160 200 200 200 200 200 200

2  Wheeled 120 ltr 140 ltr 240 ltr 360 ltr
Volume (lt) 120 140 240 360
Dead weight (kg) 10 11 14 19
Maximum load (kg) 60 70 110 165
Total height (mm) A 940 1060 1060 1080
Total width (mm) B 480 480 575 580
Total depth (mm) C 540 550 730 875
Upper edge comb (mm) D 870 1010 990 1000
Wheel diameter (mm) E 200 200/250 200/250 200/300

Available sizes - Skips


4.0 m3 metal, open top scrap waste
4.0 m3 metal, with lid


Non-domestic type waste


Specialist Group can provide different colors of waste receptacles for the different waste groups. All this waste is handled with extreme care and is disposed of in accordance with waste management directives/ standards and regulations.


Waste Removal Truck


All our trucks are well maintained and serviced by our own mechanics. These trucks are:

  • Fully automated

  • Hydraulic

  • Emergency cut off

  • Dual systems bins and skips

Waste Removal Truck Waste Removal Truck1