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Specialist Transport Services (STS), (A member of Specialist Group) currently operates a fleet of 188 units, which is broken down into: 60 Gorica Tipper Trailers, headed by Mercedes 3848 tractor units. Each of our trailers has the capacity to haul 45m3 which gives us a current daily total of 10,000 tons. In addition to these tipper trucks we have a further 70 owner hire trucks available, which more than doubles our current capacity. We also operate a fleet of 18 fuel & water tankers, with the ability to increase this number at short notice, from our preferred sub-contractor. Add to this a fleet of 40 specialised equipment trucks (flat beds, articulated, garbage, septic, potable & non-potable water trucks) and white fleet vehicles (Range Rover, Kia, Toyota & Mitsubishi), we are ready and able to take on all types of work.

The logistics and transportation industry is making rapid strides in the UAE, and in particular in Dubai. With infrastructure and realty development projects booming and new major projects being announced daily across the UAE, it is clear that the industry will continue to grow in the near & medium term.

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Such expansion of construction in the UAE, projected for a minimum of 10 years, will produce a constant high demand for aggregates and sand; this, in turn, generates a constant and rising demand for tipper haulage services in an already stretched supply marketplace.

Specialist Transport Services (STS) operates a state-of-the-art transportation operation for the construction industry that offers a range of logistics solutions, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each customer. Our array of equipment and supply of personnel provides us the capability to deliver the substantial volumes required by major civil engineering projects, as well as delivering more specialized requirements of the smaller trade customers.

To support this operation a highly experienced & qualified team of drivers (Advanced drivers with a knowledge of Dangerous Goods) & mechanics has been put together. Add to this a first class management team and you have the perfect recipe for success.

All this will be operated and controlled from a new state-of-the-art Headquarters, office, warehouse & maintenance complex in the Dubai Industrial City (DIC), which will be completed in 12-18 months.

There are 4 key areas of the mass haulage services areas that we are heavily involved with:



Cement/Concrete producers require a supply of aggregate on a 24 hour basis.


Developers and construction companies require sand/aggregate directly to project sites.


Ongoing projects such as Jebel Ali Airport etc.


Direct delivery from port to customer (Clinker, Slag, Coal, Bauxite, Ore etc).
Petroleum Products.


 Current Projects


Although this part of the transport division was only born in February 2008, we already have many current live and completed projects for example:

  • Palm Jumeirah

  • Al Barsha

  • Jebel Ali Projects

  • Ras AL Khor

  • Mussaffa

  • Mina Port

  • Wimpey R/A link to ring road

  • Dubai condor projects

  • Diera city parking

  • Vegetable Market

  • Corniche Abu Dhabi beautification

  • Fujeirah Port expansion

  • Qatar Bahrain gas pipeline

  • New Al Awir market

Our excellent reputation for the standard of vehicles used, timely delivery, experienced staff and competitive prices has raised our profile in the construction market, leading to many enquiries and requests for our services on upcoming market projects:


Jebel Ali Airport
Water Front Development
Palm Crescent


The list of upcoming projects is indicative and by no means exhaustive. With STS knowledge of the industry and marketing capability, we will achieve excellent customer satisfaction and generate high customer loyalty for future projects.

As well as aggregate & sand transportation we are able to provide the following services:


Bulk Liquid Transportation, Delivery & Distribution


Currently we are providing:



700m3 per day

Fuel Delivery 

1000m3 per day


500m3 per day




With a fleet of articulated and flat bed trucks, we transport goods, equipment and stores of any designation, around the Middle East. The integrity of the cargo is maintained throughout the journey by stringent security and control measures.


Plant Equipment & Machinery


Specialist Transport Services currently provide to our customers varying types of plant equipment & machinery:






Loader (forklift & telehandler)

Machinery Service1

Machinery Service1

Machinery Service1




STS continues to expand at a rapid rate. With the receipt of a further 41 tractors and tippers coming into service by the spring of 2009, this will increase our fleet to 229 units. We are in a position where we are able to fulfill and exceed the ever increasing, ever demanding requirements of the construction industry. As demands increase so will Specialist Transport Services (STS).


Trucking & Transportation Service