Portable Toilets


Specialist Group offers a wide range of high quality durable portable toilets to suit all needs. We can provide Western, Eastern & Disabled models. All our toilets are serviced as often as you request, which ensures clean & hygienic units, which are well equipped and maintained. We use well trained and experienced staff, along with top class equipment.


General Servicing

  • Removal of waste water

  • High pressure washing (inside & out) & disinfecting

  • Wipe down inside

  • Replenish hand sanitizer/gel and toilet paper

  • Replenish Blue water

  • Replace broken or missing parts

  • Clean area around the unit

General Portable Toilet Services


Toilet Description

  • Strong Durable material

  • Standard size for Eastern & Western Style

  • Larger sizes for Disabled style

  • Transparent roof, to allow natural light in

  • Urinal

  • Seat with lid and spring mechanism

  • Hand sanitizer/gel holder

  • Toilet roll holder

  • Ventilation pipe for extraction of bad odors

  • Door lock with red/green indicator

  • Available in colors to suit (separate negotiation required)

  • Hand wash basins also available

Portable Toilet


Toilet Service Trucks

  • Trained, experienced staff

  • Combined Toilet Servicing Trucks:

    Waste water removal

    High pressure washing & disinfecting

    Blue water replenishment


    Septic tank capacity = 1m3

    Fresh water tank capacity = 1m3

    Servicing from either side of the truck

Portable Toilet Servicing Trucks

At Specialist Group we are aware of the impact our services could have on the environment, therefore we ensure that we only use approved sanitary & chemical products of the highest quality. All our waste products are disposed of at authorized municipal sites.