Laundry Services


At Specialist Group we understand the importance of clean hygienic clothing. We have a large Laundry facility in Basra, Iraq which has 13 industrial size washing machines and 212 commercial dryers in use daily. However, these numbers can be increased at very short notice should the requirement arise.

Our normal service includes:

    - Uniforms & Personal clothing

    - Bed linen

We have separate machines for Special Washing and we handle:

    - Medical / Hospital

    - Sleeping bags

    - Blankets

    - Duvets

    - Pillows

Laundry Machines

What we do:

    - Collection

    - Washing

    - Drying

    - Folding

    - Ironing / pressing

    - Packed in plastic bags

    - Delivery

Laundry Service

Laundry Service1

We strive to provide a 24 hour turnaround, which is our normal level of service, although sometimes this is not achievable due to circumstances beyond our control.

All clothing is returned folded and sealed in a plastic bag, to ensure it is clean on receipt by the customer.

Colored and serial numbered Identity Tags are provided to the customer. This allows us to allocate & record a specific color and set of numbers to a location, group or establishment. Making it easier to locate and identify where the bags have come from or are going to. Throughout the collection, washing, drying and delivery process, each bag is accounted for which eliminates the likelihood of bags getting lost in our system.


All our machines are regularly serviced and maintained by our qualified staff, ensuring maximum availability.


Dry cleaning facilities can also be made available, should the customer require this service. However, the turn around time may be extended.