Generator Services


Power generation is a main factor that must be considered when a mains system is not available, or a back up to the mains is required. We at Specialist Group are able to provide generators with various capacities, with well known names such as: FG Wilson & Caterpillar. We can also provide generators that are capable of working on recycled fuel, oil and grease, thereby assisting with the protection of our environment. Our engineers will assist in the sighting and connection should it be required. Our services include:


- Consultancy (correct generator for the power requirements)

- Generator Sales

- Generator Rental

- Shipping

- Sighting & Connection

- Maintenance

- Training on basic maintenance

Generator services1 Generator Services2

We can provide generators from 13kva (offices and domestic) to 2,200kva (large factories, airports and hospitals). These can be new or previously used systems.