Equipment & Labour Hire



With our extensive network of contacts we are able to provide a hire service, ranging from:


- Provision of Labor support

- Plant machinery

- Accommodation, Office & Storage

buildings (containers or prefabricated)

- Vehicles (soft skin or armored)

- Toilets

- Generators

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire1

The above list is just an example of what we are currently providing or have done in the past. By no means is this list exhaustive, and we will strive to meet the requirements of our customers.

Specialist Group is able to provide skilled and unskilled laborers for a variety of tasks. One of our key strengths is the supply of Third Country Nationals (TCN) labor for tasks such as laundry, kitchen help, cleaning and other domestic services. However, our labor force is ready and able to assist in whatever task is required in theatre at 48 hour notice. In the past we have aided the military with numerous construction and cleaning projects and have developed an extremely reliable reputation regarding our available manpower. The company’s labor force abilities range from cleaning out warehouses to the dismantling of camps in preparation for takeover. We also have experience in more complex tasks such as the bio-cleaning of military vehicles

Labour Hire