Food & Beverage


Specialist Group are proud to introduce the newest division Food & Beverage/catering of our company dealing in on & off shore, oil rigs catering services in U.A.E. At present we have a license for selling beverages in the city of Basra, Iraq and have opened a successful coffee shop & ice cream parlor located at the Basra Air Station where our customers include military and civilians from a multitude of countries. Recently we welcomed a new member of the Management Staff, an ex senior officer from the British Army, who dealt with catering for over 27 years. His aim is to run the on & off shore,oil rigs catering services in U.A.E. division according to UK Food, Hygiene, Health & Safety Regulations. By entering the regions catering market we will be adding yet another division to our already fast growing company.


Food & Beverage Staff

Food & Beverage Service

Staff hard at work

Customers relaxing with a freshly brewed coffee