Bulk Fuel & Water(Transport & Distribution)




Specialist Group prides itself in being able to make regular deliveries of bulk and pack fuel to high risk locations without disruption of the service requirements. We consider the key to our 100% service record to be well maintained equipment, operating systems and dedicated personnel. With this combination we have maintained the vital fuel supply lines into to and around Basra in very difficult circumstances. We are able to deliver all certified fuels, including gasoline, jet fuel and diesel to all locations and the British Military have made us the preferred supplier for this service. We have a long history of rolex replica these type of deliveries and are proud of our record of continual service and flexibility. In order to maintain the integrity of our supplies we are fully compliant with European safety and environmental standards and have implemented a rigorous maintenance program.

Bulk Fuel & water


Not only do we provide the fuel tankers for transport, we also carry out the following services:

  • Delivery of fuel to Bulk Fuel Installations (BFI)

  • Delivery of fuel to end users equipment:


    Reefers (refrigerated units)

    Plant machinery

Coupled with this we also set up and operate fuel delivery points (temporary gas stations) in areas where there is no permanent system.

Another important service we provide is the ability to refuel fixed wing and replica watches uk rotary aircraft by utilizing our modern and well maintained equipment.




Specialist Group have great experience in the field of Water Treatment. We have been involved in the transportation & distribution of potable & non potable water, along with the operation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants since 2005 to the UK and US Military in replica watches uk Iraq.


The Services we offer are:

  • Transportation & Distribution of Potable & Non-Potable Water

  • Water Treatment Equipment - Supply, Fitting, Operation & Maintenance

Potable Water :

Specialist Group will deliver water in tankers that are certified to transport potable water to catering/dining facilities, shower units, offices and laundries.


Bulk Fuel Water Tank


Non-Potable Water :

Tankers dedicated to non-potable water will be used to transport and deliver to areas such as:

  • Construction sites

  • Vehicle/equipment wash sites

  • Dust suppression

Bulk Fuel Water Tank1


Semi Mobile Containerized Units (20ft & 40ft)

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a process where water is dematerialized using a semi permeable membrane at high pressure. These plants are designed for the treatment of water with a high salinity content. Although other types of raw water such as well-water, surface water, river or sea water can also be purified to produce excellent quality drinking water.

Everything required to carry out this purification can be housed in a 20ft or 40ft shipping container. This enables the plant to be semi mobile, allowing for use in short or long term locations. The output of a plant can vary, depending on the hours of operation, size and the type of water to be purified. Should there be a requirement for complete mobility and less quantity, smaller trailer based units are available.

Semi mob containerized unit


Note: We have the ability to provide the equipment and manpower to carry out the wash down and dust suppression services.


Waste Water Disposal:

- In conjunction with our waste management services we will dispose of any waste water in the following categories:

  • Grey Water: - Wash hand basins, showers and laundries

  • Black Water: - Septic (tanks and klargeisters), portable toilets/units, dining facilities and wash downs