About Us


Specialist Group is an award winning globle total facility management company in U. A. E. which provide flexible facilities management services solutions in both Military operating theatres and in thriving cities in the Middle East. With permanent operations in Iraq, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, the Specialist Group team has also worked in many other areas of the Middle East, Asia and East Africa Region. These include all countries of the Middle East, Sudan, Eritrea and the challenging and hostile environment in Iraq. With headquarters located in Dubai, UAE, we have a strong record in implementing and operating large scale as well as ad hoc small projects. These include:


    - Military Logistic Support

    - Truck Transport – Bulk liquids (Fuels & Water), Construction Material, Dry Goods

    - Waste Management and Conservancy

    - Property & Facility Management

    - Procurement

    - Equipment Leasing

    - Food & Beverage

    - Cleaning Services (Residential & Commercial)

    - Water Planning, Treatment, Bottling & Delivery Services

    - Generator Services

    - Laundry Services

    - Transportation Services